Project Description

Paul Shimmons is a band teacher (grade 5-12) who is integrating technology into his teaching.

Paul started a great blog discussing his integration of technology into music education, with a specific focus on the iPad. He discovered Anytune when looking for a music slow downer app for the iPad. We gave him a promo code and he thinks he found some new ways to help at band rehearsal. Check it out at

Some comments from Paul’s blog:

After using AnyTune HQ it becomes very apparent why we should be paying a little bit more for some of these apps.

Things like being able to get music in to the app is easy. Being able to set up a bunch of hit points per song is easy. Being able to quickly jump back and forth in my loops is easy. I can quickly adjust the start and stop points of my loop point. I can even share all of the marks/hitpoints and settings for all of my songs that I import into AnyTune. The sound quality is wonderful and type of files AnyTune can handle is great.

See full blog at

Photo by Terry Shuck from Garland, Texas, USA (State Fair Parade Marching) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons