Project Description

IK Multimedia names Anytune the iRig BlueBoard app of the week

Anytune’s Remote Control add-on enables control of Anytune with external MIDI devices including the iRig BlueBoard. The BlueBoard – wireless MIDI pedalboard for iOS and Mac allows you to control Anytune from the floor. Great to bring Anytune on stage or improve your work flow transcribing, practicing, or just having fun. Use your feet to access Anytune commands and keep your hands on your instrument.

iRig BlueBoard

PlayNext Combine Anytune, the new PlayNext feature and an iRig BlueBoard and you can remix your favourite track in real-time no hands. Use PlayNext to tell Anytune where to play when the current section of the song completes. Create loops for verse, chorus, bridge, solo and outro and rearrange them with a tap of your toe.

… an Interactive Backing Player

Check out the video below to see the iRig BlueBoard and PlayNext in action or watch on YouTube here.