Project Description

Damian Erskine gives two thumbs up in his Anytune Pro HQ slow downer review for No Treble. Having used other “slow downer” apps before, Damian wasn’t sure he needed another app, until he gave Anytune Pro HQ a try.

As I have already reviewed both Capo and the Amazing Slow Downer, I wouldn’t have bothered with yet another “slow downer” unless it was something really noteworthy. I am happy to report, that Anystone Tech has raised the bar with this Anytune Pro.

The app’s “LiveMix” might be the coolest thing ever. If you use an iRig, iRiffPort or any kind of interface to play your instrument into your iOS device with headphones on, then you can use this to play along with the track. You have full adjustment of your mix and can even pan yourself and/or the music to one side of your headphones or the other. This is incredibly useful and really helps you feel like you’re a part of the music you’re working on.

For any real study and time spent digging into the meat of a tune, I believe that AnyTune is the way to go.

So, there you have it… Anytune HQ 3 is now my all-time favorite slow-downer for iOS devices. The company spent six months redesigning the app and have integrated many new features users had requested. Job well done!

So go checkout No Treble’s review of Anytune Pro HQ 3.