Jimmy Alford is a professional musician and educator who mixes melody and focus with the intensity and aggression found in hardcore metal for a potent combination of addictive music. He is a guitarist in the melodic metal act Metaprism and is a unique music educator who teachers the art of musical performance including songwriting, creativity, theory and band skills in addition to providing Guitar Lessons in Southampton.

What doesn’t kill you – makes you stronger

How do you use Anytune?

As a working musician, I too have found the app an absolute game changer in terms of me
being able to transcribe, teach, and also learn myself! Often I’m required to play more
complex sections of music or transpose to different keys and Anytune has been a really
handy app to enable me to get results faster!

Does Anytune help you for shows?

I play in a UK based melodic metal band called Metaprism and I’ve used the app to help with songwriting and riffs (using different keys, tempos etc.). We recently played at Bloodstock Open Air Festival and I actually used the app when practicing to SPEED UP the songs for the set. The old adrenaline kicks in on stage and we tend to play the set a little faster, so again, Anytune really helped me prepare for this and other performances!

Do you recommend Anytune to your students?
I actively encourage all my students to download it and use it

I teach guitar lessons in Southampton to a large group of students and have found Anytune to be the best app for slowing down songs without compromising the quality of the recording. It’s so convenient for my students who use it on their mobile devices and means that they’re learning […]